“Eurolex Bulgaria” successfully joined Interlaw

“Eurolex Bulgaria” successfully joined Interlaw

Успешно присъединяване на Евролекс България - Адвокатско дружество „Андрей Делчев  и партньори“ към Interlaw

In October 2012 “Eurolex Bulgaria” joined Interlaw – one of the oldest and most prestigious international associations.

Interlaw unites law firms in more than 125 cities worldwide. Many Interlaw firms are rated highly in international legal practice publications including Chambers & Partners, International Financial Law Review, etc. Interlawyers are highly competent in the laws, rules, and practices of their own jurisdiction, they are fluent in foreign languages and hold advanced legal degrees from internationally regarded universities and law schools.

“Eurolex Bulgaria” is proud of its membership in the association, which is another successive recognition of the firm. Interlaw is a symbol of reliable and qualified law firms providing services of high quality. See more at: www.interlaw.org

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